Vivint user with camera problems

I have a vivnt system. I needed an outside camera, which they do not supply. They recommended I purchase an one since they work with their systems. I did, now the thing wont work wirelessly. When I call they can’t help. wont help either. I read from on of your blogs about the firmware. I noticed the original camera we have set up and the new came have different firmwares. If we hook up the new outside camera to the ethernet we get video, but it won’t work wirelessly. I also notice it is recognizing a different IP address from the other installed inside camera. Please help. We have had a rash of robberies in our neighborhood. We have been staking out but need a camera to catch the guys.

A few simple troubleshooting suggestions:

  1. Please verify you have a wireless model. has both wireless and wired models. Please let us know the model number of yours. (New wireless units are ADC-V720W)
  2. Ensure that the antenna is firmly secured and screwed into its dock on the camera.
  3. During the setup process on, if you have a wireless camera, should prompt you for the wireless info. The setup wizard will take you through the steps to verify wireless connection, so make sure you have the correct SSID, Password, etc.
  4. Different firmwares on cameras is common, and specific issues related to a firmware version is rare. My guess is the new camera simply has a newer firmware.
  5. When you say a different IP Address, what are you referring to, specifically? All connected devices to your router will have a different IP address. (Such as and Do you mean that all numbers are different or just the final one?

Jason, did you ask the OP what “Vivint system” (panel) he/she is actually using?

I have a vivnt system. I needed an outside camera, which they do not supply

1.Go!Control or Sky Control?
If its the Sky panel, it doesn’t activate/setup through, instead it connects through panel, and may require configuration/installer access light/led troublshooting & diagnostic
When connected to Wireless, and not Ethernet, is there a flashing light on camera?

If the camera connects on ethernet, but not via wireless router, that suggests OP has a network setup/configuration issue that needs to be resolved to allow camera connectivity.

I do have a wireless model ADC-V720W. It is supposed to be a one button EZ install.
I have checked the SSID and password and it is correct.
Concerning the IP address, I know it has given the camera and IP address
If I go into vivnt video setting, network settings it shows it is established connection, only when it is connected by an ethernet cord.
when I go through the installation steps at the end you are to unhook the ethernet cord, unplug the unit and replug. It searches for the wireless connnection but seems to not be able to find it.
I do have a “Go Control” unit. Do I need to install this through the unit itself and not the website?

No, you would be installing the camera through the online interface.

The two likely issues here are:

  1. Antenna is not connected.
  2. Wireless settings are incorrect or wireless signal strength is too weak at the location. If you are just following the steps and your camera is still near your router then it is not a signal issue.

If #1 is not the case, then plug in your outdoor camera to your router, power on the camera, wait 30 seconds, then go to your Video tab in
Choose “Video Device Settings.”
Choose the new ADC-V720W wireless camera from the drop down list.
Choose “Wireless Network.”
Since you already have a working camera on your account, choose “Copy from another Camera,” and just copy the network settings from your indoor camera to your outdoor. Does this resolve the issue?

You install via

If it can’t find the wireless network, manually set it up. If you are using WPS for your network, you might want to turn off/disable that feature, and manually configure your router.

I do have a wireless model ADC-V720W. It is supposed to be a one button EZ install.

WPS was compromised few years ago, and there is no fix, networks that use this can easily be hacked (only 11 attempts to get the password/key are needed).

Homeland security warning:

The WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) PIN is susceptible to a brute force attack. A design flaw that exists in the WPS specification for the PIN authentication significantly reduces the time required to brute force the entire PIN because it allows an attacker to know when the first half of the 8 digit PIN is correct. The lack of a proper lock out policy after a certain number of failed attempts to guess the PIN on many wireless routers makes this brute force attack that much more feasible.
...when authentication fails the access point will send an Extensible Authentication Protocol-Negative Acknowledgement (EAP-NACK ), which are sent in a way that lets a hacker know if the first half of the PIN is right. Then, armed with that information, the attacker will be able to figure out the PIN's last digit since it's a checksum number for the entire PIN. What all that means is that it becomes much easier to work out a PIN. To be exact, with the worse luck in the world it would take a cracker 11 failed attempts to break the PIN/password and fully gain access to your network, and all devices on it.

Here is how to manually setup wireless (wireless network tab) on

Go to camera that is actually operational on WiFi network, under wireless tab, check the box for “apply to all wireless cameras

Else, go to new 720w camera, access wireless settings and manually enter info

Pay attention to any camera blinking, yellow,or green lights.