Vivint Sky

It looks like Vivint just released an updated control panel UI, along with integrated security monitoring, mobile applications, and desktop apps. I suppose any Security vendor can start offering the new panels soon, but the integration piece looks to be pretty specific to Vivint.

The Vivint Sky is designed to only work with Vivint’s own designed back end. Unfortunately, that means they can’t be taken over the same way a standard Go!Control Panel can by just swapping out the communicator.

I am actually getting a Vivint Skypanel tomorrow, and I plan to crack the codes, and see if it can be taken over.

The panel is the 2GIG go2.0, and the back end used by Vivint is Telit M2M via cellular.

Even without cellular, if it can be unlocked/reset to default config, it can be used for WiFi.

From what I can gather looking at the UI/remote interactive,, the actual firmware of the panel seems to be for the most part 2GIG with very little changes to the core O/S. I’ll know more after I break the installer code.

Codes, and any other info I get will be posted/updated to this thread here:

Even if it can be broken and the WiFi communication used, we would still need to wait for to accept IP communication as a way to connect to the back end.

I’m eager to see how the 2.0 panel compares to the 3.0 from 2GIG. Dunno if I can handle waiting much longer! Also, I’d love to see a comparison of the 2.0 versus the also newly released Qolsys panel. I’ve no experience with the former to use in such an analysis. does make a Telit cell module, this is what you will need to successfully takeover/unlock the Go2.0 panel via the ADC back end.

If you can get me one, I will test it

Note the form factor of the Telit module:

The current cell modules used by ADC are also Telit (2GIG-GC3GA-A is a HE910-NAR)

See connector comparison: