Vivint Sky Panel to 2Gig Go - what do I need?

In the process of purchasing a home with a Vivint system with the Sky panel. I understand that I won’t be able to use this with ADC service so I guess my only real option is to purchase a new GO panel with a cell module. Is this still correct or are there any options yet to just replace the cell module and unlock the sky panel?

Will I also need the takeover module? I thought the Vivint system using Sky was completely wireless so the module wouldn’t be required or am I missing something? I have seen conflicting posts so I want to make sure.

Is there anything else I need to do? Lastly, will the power and other connections from the Sky panel work fine or will I need to rewire anything?

The sky panel cannot be used with, correct.

The takeover module is used to translate wired alarm sensors into a wireless signal to the Go!Control panel. It is only needed for use when reusing sensors of a wired system.

You wouldn’t necessarily need to rewire, but you do not want to use the power supply for a different device with the new panel, so just swap out the plug in transformer. (They were built by the same manufacturer, so they may be very similar or even identical in power specs, but no need to void a warranty over the 45 seconds and a screwdriver it would require to swap them out.)

Thanks Jason. SHOULD all of the pre-existing sensors and Zwave devices continue to work with the Go!Control panel or will I run into compatibility issues? As far as I know/remember, there were the following installed:

2 - Kwikset Door Locks
2 - Glass break sensors
1 - Thermostat
1 - Garage Door Control (owner is taking it though)
1 - Indoor video camera (in window pointing outside at front door)
Unsure about fire alarms (if not Vivint then I will likely add the Firefighter module).
Unsure if there are any door and window switches

So assuming all of those are wireless and that they were working with the SKY panel, then they should work with the Go!Control panel, correct?

If I added an image sensor (2GIG-IMAGE1), will I be able to program the panel to take a picture of the front door when it senses someone walking up? How far out does the sensor reach (assuming placed indoors but pointed through an over door window)? I don’t necessarily want it taking pictures of people walking by on the sidewalk, 25 feet away. Sensitivity adjustable?

Also, do you guys offer any used panels? Reason being, I want to upgrade to the soon-to-be-released new panel when it comes out but I need something for insurance and protection for the time being. I would be incredibly disappointed to buy a new panel just to see the latest-and-greatest be released a month or two or even weeks later. I really wish that 2GIG would at least provide a firm release date.

Yes, most devices should work.

I’m not certain all Zwave devices compatible with Sky are compatible with 2GIG Go!Control. If you provide model numbers we can say for certain. From what you mentioned I’d guess yes.

Video camera can be tricky. For Sky service cameras, I’m not sure there is a good way of learning them into ADC (I haven’t tried one)

Alarm sensors should be fine.

The Image Sensor would not work the way you are planning. PIR detectors do not work through glass. Heat signature change on one side of the glass cannot be detected on the other. You could use it to capture once inside. A better solution would be strict VMD settings on a video camera.

We do not sell used panels, but there is no obligation to use equipment purchased from us. If you are looking for a used panel, ebay is always a good place to look. Of course, caveat emptor, you’ll want to make sure it is a reputable seller and all that.

Strict VMD setting? Guess I don’t follow, forgive my ignorance. I don’t plan on getting a video monitoring package but instead would like to just capture a picture when someone approaches the door (day or night). Is it possible to do this with either a video camera or external motion sensor, again without a video package? If so what do you recommend. I suppose it would either have to be mounted indoors watching through the window above the door or would have to be weather resistant. This is a well covered area but still high temps and humidity here in Texas. Ultimately I would likely add a zwave light switch to kick on the outdoor entry light. Is all of this possible?

BTW, the current owner is taking his vivint camera so I’ll be purchasing one from you.

You would not be able to use video cameras without adding the Cloud Video service to your account.

Image Sensors are interior only operation.

It is of course possible to do so with a camera, but you would need to physically link input terminals to a dry contact relay on a wired outdoor motion detector in order to use outdoor PIR. Most if not all IP video cameras will be able to perform video motion detection without the use of a supplementary PIR, but instead of determining motion based on heat signature changes against the background temperature, video motion detection is triggered by a percentage change of pixel hue in a selected trigger area on screen. It is far more susceptible to false recordings in an outdoor environment.