Vivint Sky Control

Good day:
I purchased a house with a Vivint sky control system: V-MP2-345.A.0. Although I was not paying for the service, the system alerted me when someone opened a door, the system allowed me to view someone standing at the front door (with audio/video), etc. After about 5 months, I found the panel frozen not providing alerts or any access to its features. I removed the panel and did a hard reset of the panel by pressing the reset button. It now seems that it has lost its configuration because I no longer receive alerts. I would like to get the system working again and do not know how to configure it. I have the installer code and access to installer features but do not know if I need to re-connect/re-configure all sensors etc. I am hoping someone can provide some direction (even if it is to an installer manual) for how to get this system functioning as a non-monitored system. Thanks.

Unfortunately the Sky Control Panel is a proprietary system not compatible with or any other provider services. If you would like to continue using that panel, for assistance or documentation you’ll need to contact Vivint. I’m not able to provide tech support for that panel.

Historically they keep their equipment pretty locked down, so I am not able to really say with any certainty how likely it is you’ll be able to get the access you’re looking for.

Thank you.