Vivint response time

Hello, has anybody experienced a long wait time for an operator to come over the 2 way for Vivint? They must need more central stations their response time was almost 2 minutes for a medical alarm, person could/would be dead by the time they respond, when confronted they said that it was within standards??? FYI sometimes they timeout , 2 way voice must be answered within 2 minutes or it doesn’t work, excuses excuses , what’s anybody else,s experienced, plus their 2 way voice on sky panel is way way too low to hear , apparently they cannot control the volume. I love love suretydiy response time less than 15 seconds and loud , which I like !!! Especially that I live in a multi level house , great job suretydiy on using the best central station I believe

Has anyone experienced this long wait for 2 way, I’m referring to vivant only , not monitoring America as they are need I say lightning fast , no joke

Vivint is notorious for shody service and Central Station. Half the customers of Vivint are still on 2G cells, running old buggy firmware (current is 1.14, most Vivint users are still on 1.6) or have weak cellular, or no communication via cellular at all (and are completely oblivious). They don’t event know there is a problem until their home is broken into, and nothing happens.

There is approx. a 2 week wait time for a service call.

Vivint clearly spells out in their contract that it is the customers responsibility to test and make sure all sensors are working correctly, cellular path is working correctly, and notifications are properly configured. This should be done monthly.

Vivint in house central station consists of two stations, and maybe a few dozen operators that have minimal or no training at all. There are approx. over 1 million vivint customers…you do the math.