Vivint PIR2 compatibility


I have a Vivint-branded GC2 panel that I’ve been using with SuretyDIY since I replaced the modem and flashed new firmware. The previous owners left a new Vivint PIR2 (V-PIR2-345) sensor. Can I use it with my system?


If it is a standard 345 MHZ sensor (appears to be) yes, you could add it the way you would other motion detectors. See programming here.

Thanks. I couldn’t get it to work. It has an 11-digit TX ID. I tried the first and last 7 and attempted to learn it, but no dice.

Thank you for the follow up. Could you post a photo of the sensor model number sticker?

It could be that it is not a standard 345 mhz device and is instead proprietary in some way. It does strike me as odd that it would work with the same panel though. Was it used with a Sky Panel instead?

The batteries were still in sealed baggies, so I know this one wasn’t used. I don’t know what a Sky Panel is – there’s only 2Gig equipment here, some of which is branded Vivint (panel, thermostat).

Thank you for posting the image. I believe the last 7 digits are likely the correct TXID. Unfortunately we cannot provide support for products from that dealer. The sensor may be encrypted or otherwise proprietary.

Some of the branded equipment mentioned will not work without the branded firmware. It sounds like that may be the case with this PIR.

The Sky Panel or SkyControl Panel would be a branded proprietary panel that uses similar sensors to the 2GIG GC2 Go!Control. The Sky Panel is not compatible with

OK, got it. Thanks.