vivint disabled 2gig panel

Hi I installed a new cell module and updated my firmware.
My panel now says suretycam in the bottom right but when I go into system configuration, it still says locked…

Any ideas?



Once you’ve activated service with an unregistered cellular module and you have run a cell phone test, we’re able to change your Q44 to open programming for you to change as you see fit. Since your cell phone test is complete, I’ve sent the command to change your Q44 setting to 0. You should now be able to enter your installer toolbox with your current installer code and make changes.

Ran one Cell test. Thats how I got Suretycam in the bottom right… Running another now…

OK I can get in now… Thanks!

No additional test needed. You should be good to go now, as long as you know your installer code. If you would like that remotely reset as well, let us know.

All set… now I need to research how to program all my stuff again and add my z-waave locks etc…

Thanks again for your help!

Here is a Quick Programming Link for 2GIG.

That should drastically cut down on the amount of research needed for reprogramming your equipment into your panel. However, if you have any specific questions regarding programming the device (Specific Sensor Types, Loop Numbers, etc.) do not hesitate to ask.

As far as programming your locks goes, it’s important to remember that Zwave devices can only be associated to 1 network at any given time. The locks will need to be removed from the previous network before they can be added to the new one. Luckily, the 2GIG panel has a function that will allow you to remove the devices from other networks.

Without knowing exactly what kind of locks you have, I can only give relatively general instructions.
In order to do that:

  1. Go to the ‘Services’ menu
  2. Click the wrench in the bottom left corner
  3. Click on ‘Remove Devices’
  4. Perform the function you would do in order to learn the device into the panel.
  5. The panel should say that a device has been removed from another network.

After that, you can add that device to the 2GIG panel by clicking on ‘Add Device’ instead of ‘Remove Device’.

Thanks Jay! That was exactly what I needed to get my lock working! (The part about having to remove it first) I have all my zwave stuff and key fobs added which is awesome.
I dont yet know how to make the locks lock when I arm it though! lol But I can turn off a light with the app, so I’ve got that going for me which is nice…

Unfortunately I wiped all my sensor and detectors (everything) from my 2gig config before adding z-wave stuff, so I have to start from scratch…
Do I have to pull all the triggers from the windows and doors to get serials or something to program them? UGH…
I pulled the door trigger that is next to the panel and its a Flair VIP94-2
This shows the Flair compatible with many sensors. (except 2gig of course) but I dont know what to put in for the equipment ID.
All these sensors were working before I mucked it up.

You can either learn them in with the learn button by activating the sensors or you can manually type in the 7 digit serial numbers. The Flair VIP94-2 is a wired sensor so it must be wired into something. Is it wired into a wireless transmitter (2GIG or Honeywell door contact), a super switch takeover module or directly into the back of the 2GIG control panel? The equipment ID doesn’t matter much but the sensor serial number and loop number does. If you don’t get the serial number and loop number right then it won’t work.

Thanks… I was able to learn them, but I think my front door and inside garage door are on the same circuit, because whenever I learn one, when I try and open either door, it triggers the same trigger.