Vivint Cancelled, but service still works

How long does it usually take for Vivint/ to turn off service? I cancelled my service through Vivint and the it took effect at the beginning of this month (did not get billed for this month) but I can still disarm / arm my system via my phone. I haven’t tried a test trip of the alarm yet, I assume I wouldn’t get a call from Vivint monitoring.

As soon as the service is completely disconnected I plan to move to Surety but I’m surprised things are still operational.

I cannot really answer when the account would be canceled through, I have no direct experience with that company.

What I can say is that all the equipment (if 2Gig Go!Control) will be usable but generally speaking you will need a new module anyway unless you can get the account deleted and the module unlocked. If it is a 2G cell module you will need to get a 3G as the 2G cards can no longer be used to create new accounts.

If you have cameras you will want to remove them from your prior account first.

I was an ex Vivint user.

The Vivint ADC acct may stay active until they get around to disabling it. Usually though you should call and verify acct is canceled (you did email/mail in a NOC letter, correct?).

The Vivint contracts auto renew, and you cannot cancel the auto renewal over the phone.

You need to get it in writing that your contract has been canceled (or do not be surprised if three months from now you get collection calls and past due letters).

Once you verify Vivint acct is canceled you must remove the cellular module. This cannot be reused, and will have to be replaced.

Vivint will never unlock or release the cellular modules:

Jason, I purchased a new 3G card for the controller already. How can I get the account deleted? I assume it would auto-delete once my service was cancelled with Vivint. I’ve also removed my camera for the account a while back anticipating the change.

Rive, I sent in the NOC letter at the end of January, with my last day of service being the end of February. They tried to keep me a bunch of times but I refused their offers. I was out of contract. I thought I heard that they auto-renew their contracts as well but I was told by multiple people at Vivint that I was month-to-month once the contract ended.

How can I get the account deleted? I assume it would auto-delete once my service was cancelled with Vivint.
You dont.

You do not reuse the same account. The account is tied to the cell module. Once you remove the cell module, the ADC account is defunct.

Once you replace it, activate a new plan on it, and successfully perform a cell test, you will get a new username/password for a new (ADC) account.

If you use the Vivint app, or the app…
Delete/remove Vivint app. If app, simply sign out, and sign back in with new username/password.

Do not reuse the short “in the panel” antenna if existing on the Vivint module. Use the “in the wall” antenna that came with the new 3G cell module (if you already have this “in the wall” antenna on the Vivint module, you can reuse it if you so choose).

Thanks Rive, that makes sense. I’ll install the new cell module and go from there.

When I upgrade the firmware on the unit will the programming get wiped?


But you will need to have the lockout defaulted (Q44 to 0), and then fully enable and optimize panel. Do it after you update firmware/successfully perform cell test on new module.

Perform cell test (if system config locked out):
security>menu>toolbox>enter master code>right arrow till you see “cell phone test”> enter master code


Power down panel and remove battery BEFORE you remove/replace the cell module.

You will probably need to replace your backup battery soon… Here is where to get one:

If you order service from us with the new module, we will open up Q44 as part of your account set up. Rive is right though, you need to make sure that is changed so you can make changes as you see fit.

Thanks everyone for your help. ADC finally stopped working a few days ago so I just flashed my controller and added the new wireless module. I signed up for gold service a few minutes ago as well. Amanda - if you can make sure my controller gets Q44 set to 0 when it gets provisioned on your side I would appreciate it.

It’s our pleasure to help. Orders placed over the weekend will be processed on Monday and as part of our standard process signals will be sent to open up your programming (includes Q44) so you can make changes as you wish go forward. Once your order is processed, you’ll get a welcome email with next steps and a reminder that this process will open your Q44 and Q45.