Vivint Cancellation

I currently have Vivint and plan on cancelling their services. What do I need to do “step by step” to keep monitoring my home on my phone? All I really want is for my panel to chime if a sensor trips, my alarm on my panel to go off (when set to arm), access my ligts,thermostat,and my door locks (not necessary but a plus), and to monitor from my phone. I don’t need Vivint to call the police, fire, or me if something happens!I do have 2 panels if that matters.

Hello, and welcome to our support forum. If you are looking for service with an existing 2GIG Go!Control Panel, this page goes over step by step what is needed to get started.

suretyDIY service plans and included features are shown here. You can purchase a service plan with or without central station monitoring, so if you wish to self-monitor as you mentioned, you of course can.

For the features you have mentioned, you would want to select Interactive Gold, and choose no central station monitoring. Be sure to follow the instructions in the link above regarding getting started. An unregistered communication module would be required.

Note that if you have a Sky Panel and not a Go!Control, a new panel would be required as there are no cellular modules for the Sky Panel.