Vivint alerts

I’m canceling vivint. I have received an email with a PDF saying I have cancelled however I still receive texts and emails when I Arm my system. I do not get a phone call from them when my alarm is triggered and I can no longer log into my account with Vivint. Should I start the process now of converting my panel or wait till I stop getting text alerts

Cellular modules from that provider cannot be reused with another service, so if you have a Go!Control Panel and are planning to get started with suretyDIY, a new module would be required. Because of that, there would be no issue if the current module is still registered.

We do not have any insight into another provider’s processes and could not speak to it. Setting up service with suretyDIY however can occur at any time. This kit in our store has everything you would need to get started, and this page goes over in detail all the steps that might be needed with a 2GIG Go!Control Panel.

Note that the Sky Panel is not compatible with