Vivint 2gig take over

I have Vivint and my contract is up in December. Love the system and want to keep everything the same but would like to save money. Looks as though Suretydiy will save me about $20 a month when its all said an done. With that said what do I need to do to just transfer my service? From what I read I may need to swap cellular modules etc…does that really need to happen? Its a cellular module so is there some sort of porting process to surety? Please help, any info would be great, Thanks!

The Vivint contracts never really end (there is an auto-renewal clause in the contract fine print)At least 30 days prior to automatic renewal date, send in the NOC and ACH revoke. Be sure to send it to your financial institution and Vivint. I will attach it.

You must swap cellular modules- there is no porting, and Vivint will not release or unregister their cell modules, and you should update firmware. Vivint uses 1.9.6 and current will soon be 1.14.

Be sure to remove any cameras from your account from vivint’s page.

NOC and ACH Revoke:

I think all of your questions regarding switching to DIY are answered in detail on this page, but if it leaves you with additional questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Be very wary of Vivint calls to verbally renew contract terms. This is SOP for Vivint. They will lie, and tell you whatever you want to hear to get you to agree to a renewal. Once you say “ok” you are screwed. Even if they use false pretenses, or make promises they fail to follow through on, or otherwise misrepresent to get you to verbally renew, you will have to obtain an attorney at your own cost to vitiate the verbal contract (all calls are recorded). They know most do not have the legal knowledge or financial means to fight them, so it is cost effective to do business that way.

Verbal contracts are legally binding, and they will aggressively enforce it.

Thank you all for the information. I will be on the defensive with Vivint and make sure they dont slip anything by me. Checking out the links yall sent me now. Thanks again

Another trick they use is “Service Renewal” get you to agree to a renewal in order to receive service or warranty replacements.

They will give you a clipboard and ask you to sign it saying you received the service, but many dont notice the top pages are all folded back… its really a contract renewal you are signing.

Advice for those preparing to kick Vivint to the curb:
Read everything, hang up on them if they call, do not talk to them if they come to your home, and do not let them in.

Vivint is starting to sound like a virus! I haven’t had issues with them yet, in fact I think their customer service has been great! Then again, I’m coming up on my contract end date, I guess that’s when the fun begins!

They have had actions Initiated against them in the last 5 years or so by the Attorney Generals of at least 13 State Governments for “fraud, misrepresentation, misleading sales practices, and improper billing practices”

In the last two years or so they have had at least 4 Federal/class action lawsuits initiated against them, and have settled at least one of them that I know of for millions.

There are currently over 3,000 complaints against them alone on the Utah BBB (3 year period)

Their Facebook page is 99% complaints, and that is just the visible ones they don’t hide.

For more details on the Government actions, complaints, and lawsuits, see:

I’ll be honest, you may have already inadvertently locked yourself into a renewal. Usually they try to call you or get you to agree verbally in the early part of the last year of the contract, or they get you when you move/transfer services to a new location, or when you have them come out for service work. You may not even be aware that you agreed to renew the contract for another 24-60 months.

You may want to call, and generally find out what the renewal date is for your account. Just be careful not to reveal your hand. Get it in writing and have it emailed/mailed to you.

Vivint gets licensing revoked (Sept 2015), booted in California for deceptive and aggressive sales tactics, misrepresentation and fraud.

City and county officials received numerous complaints from residents complaining of high-pressure sales tactics and misleading statements, according to VPD. Officials received similar complaints earlier this year.
County officials also received complaints in March that Vivint representatives were claiming the company had purchased a local home-security company and customers needed to switch to Vivint, which was not true...


I saw a new Vivint sign up in the neighborhood when I was out walking the dog the other evening. There are plenty of people who don’t know better and buy into all the sales pitches. I guess that’s unavoidable but it’s unfortunate that more research isn’t done prior to signing a contract.