Vivint 2GIG panel not learning z-wave switches

Hi all!

Got my Viving 2GIG panel swapped out yesterday, and unfortunately the new panel seems to not be learning the GE/Jasco light switches I had configured in my old panel. Looking to re-learn all of my light switches, so I can set up all of my rules again.

Swap-out was performed by a Vivint tech.

I set up the switches on the original panel with no problems at all, but now have run into this issue with the new one.

Any thoughts?


Remove all devices from old network…

Quote Originally Posted by Jay @Suretycam

3. The little wrench in the corner. (You will need your installer code)
4. Remove Devices
5. Perform the steps to “learn” the device into the control panel.
6. You should see a message pop up on the screen that says “A device has been removed from another network.”
7. Once all of your Z-Wave devices are removed from the old network, you will be able to add them to the new network you’re setting up.
8. After you’ve added all the devices to the new network, run a Network Rediscovery.

WOW, this forum is amazing. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! With your reply and this thread here, it is now learning flawlessly!

Just discovered this forum today, and I’ll be a regular customer from here on out!


PS if you have a Vivint branded panel, and if you haven’t already, optimize and default panel (else in 48 hours of power up, panel will lockout)…