Vivint 2 gig panel touchscreen not reponding

I purchased a 2 gig panel vivint branded off e-bay when I plugged it it it worked ie the touchscreen responded , I was able to access programming with 2203 . I then disconnected , mind you there was no battery connected. I now power up everything is fine except the touchscreen no longer responds??? Is there a remedy to this issue? If possible

Thank You

Touchscreen is dead?

Try powering down, then powerup again (connect battery before powering up)

    Once you successfully manage to power up (if you can't, then your alternative is to return/replace it)

    Then optimize and fully enable panel (you will probably also need to update firmware). You have less than 48 hours to disable/default the lockouts.

I haven’t run across that before but you could try updating the firmware since that doesn’t require using the touch screen. In all likelihood though you have a hardware problem and need a new panel.