Vivint 2 gig 2.0

Will a vivint 2 gig 2.0 panel work with Suretycam?

If not is there a release date set for the 3.0 panel?

Thank you

No, there is technically no such thing as a 2GIG 2.0 panel, it was sold to Vivint before it was completed and is only usable by Vivint. There is no hard release date set for the GC3 panel.

Here is the background on the Vivint Sky Control panel (previously known as the 2GIG Go! 2.0 panel)


Originally Posted by Lance Dean, Co-Founder of 2GIG Technologies; June, 2012
“…Our customers challenged us to continue innovating and to stay ahead of the competition. We answered with our Go! 2.0 platform, and this award validates our efforts. This is another game-changer for our industry.”

For cost reasons, the Go! 2.0 never made it into mass production, or dealer distribution.

In November 2012, the Blackstone Group acquired a controlling interest in Vivint, Vivint Solar, and 2GIG Technologies for in excess of $2 billion. Five months following the acquisition of 2GIG Technologies, on February 14, 2013, Blackstone (the current parent company of Vivint/APX Group Holdings), sold 2GIG to Nortek’s Linear subsidiary for $135M.

(FYI Linear was instrumental in the development of the original Go!Control panel)

As for the Sky panel, the entire back end service is different (not ADC), utilizing a M2M architecture that is proprietary to Vivint. The cellular module is not compatible either with current ADC/Telguard celular modules in form factor or MB sockets.

In August, 2014, the 2GIG UI/User Interface was replaced with Vivint’s own UI

Vivint, in creating the Sky Control panel and its own M2M back end, pretty much crippled the 2GIG Go! 2.0 panel, stripped it of much of its User features and capabilities, and locked it down tight.

The Sky Control iteration of the Go! 2.0 panel currently still continues to use 2GIG sensors and equipment and communication protocols, as well as ADC/ and 2GIG cameras though (but with a variant of the ADC firmware to allow it to work with both the panel’s on board DVR, and the M2M back end instead of the ADC back end for the IP cameras).

Essentially the Sky panel is now running a forked and modified version of the 2GIG firmware.