VISTA20 user data location

I have a VISTA20 with 3 expansion modules attached. The power supply on the main board has failed. The wall transformer is good and is supplying 16VAC. I swapped it out to make sure. I am only measuring 0.5 volts on pins 4&5. Keypad is blank. If I replace the board with a new one and move the PROM chip from the old board to the new, will by user programming move with it? If not, where is the user programming stored. It will be a pain to reprogram the system because of all of the expansion modules attached. Thanks for your replies!

The prom chip holds the panel firmware. Panel programming is not stored on the prom chip from what I understand.

Surety is a DIY service provider, we support the SEM module for the Honeywell Vista but we do not provide support for Honeywell services.

It looks like this username is not associated with any Surety service subscription. You may wish to confirm with Honeywell, but I don’t know of a DIY method to backup internal Vista panel programming.