Vista Water Leak Detection with

Hey there,

Following an answer from Jason (thanks for that), I ended up buying a couple of Honeywell 5821 sensors with the flood probe and finally got one set up.

For some reason, I can’t get to detect it though. I have been able to test it three times and it appears to be working as expected. It triggers the trouble state on my system locally when exposed to water. When triggered, the only thing I see in the alarm app however is “Sensor 60 Offline” (60 being the zone I’ve programmed this first one to).
There’s not a lot of information online and it was definitely tricky figuring out how to set up a custom water leak zone but I think I figured it out after following a guide. I have also ensured it’s programmed with ContactID 154. I also don’t see my sensor under my devices in the alarm app. I have added a door sensor in the past without issue.

The 5821 is a bit complex and has a number of operating modes. If you are triggering the sensor and it is reporting malfunctions these are likely off.

See the installation manual here for which loop and dip switch combo to use:

You panel is not reporting zone 60 to as a sensor zone. Just to be sure, are you using a 6160 alpha numeric keypad?

So I did follow these instructions and have it programmed on loop 3 with dip switch 2 on.
I tested it with a 3 minute water test as per the parameters of this device and it does trigger. There’s no indication of a malfunction from my keypad it appears to be working as expected.
I programmed it about 2 days ago so I’m not sure if it has synced yet with or if there’s something I need to do to trigger the sync.
I am using the 6160 alpha numeric, yes.

Can you try a power cycle of your panel at this time? Unplug the transformer, then unplug the backup battery. Wait two minutes, then power back up battery then transformer.

A zone sync should begin after bootup. Let me know when done.

Ok I just power cycled it.

Can you triple check the zone number for that sensor? There is still no zone 60 showing in I see a zone scan ran successfully.

Would you ming sending a PM with photos of the keypad programming screens for that zone?