Vista 20P Transition to Surety

I’ve been lurking on the Surety Forum and reviewing prior threads on this topic, but still will start fresh.

Self installed Vista 20P (PROM WA20P- 9.12, 2010) with a variety of Ademco RF motion, entry and smoke/heat sensors, plus a few wired sensors. I self-monitor with an EyezOn module that allows remote access and push notifications. System is controlled locally via an Ademco 6160RF. We also have a wireless remote Ademco 5828V keypad. I have no IoT or home automation currently tied to the Vista 20P.

System has been operating well for 9 years, and recently went psycho. All at once I received “Supervisory” messages for every RF sensor. A system restart achieved “RF Supervisory Restoral” for all sensors, but it repeated, so I reset again. Then we had a fire/smoke alarm at 3:32am. Damn near killed myself “running” down 2 flights to confirm the “fire” in the basement that didn’t exist. No new devices in the house to suddenly cause RF interference and I haven’t been able to determine the source of the problem. I’m wondering if the 6160RF shot craps.

We’ve been wanting to add full monitoring anyway, and begin integrating home automation, likely with Z-Wave devices. So I disconnected the panel, unplugged the back-up battery and started looking for a replacement system… SimplySafe, Abode, Wyze, etc.

Then I stumbled across Surety and I’m wondering if the bones of my system would allow for a transition to Surity ( I’d sure like to upgrade the control pad and expand the capability by adding home automation, without investing in all new sensors. Is this a possibility?

Existing Honeywell 5800 series RF sensors could be reused with the 345Mhz version of the IQ Panel 4 found here:

The existing keypads and Vista panel would not be used, but you could reuse wireless sensors directly on the new panel, and you could either replace wired sensors if there are only a few, or if you want to reuse wired zones you could do so with a hardwired translator below: