Video stuck at 80%

I have 3 cameras setup on my account (VDB770 doorbell camera and 2 VC736 cameras). Through the app everything works fine. On my Mac through Chrome, I can view saved clips from the doorbell camera but on the live view screen all 3 cameras get to loading 80% and get stuck there.
I am not running a VPN, and the app on my phone is going throught the same network.


Do you see the same issue through another browser like safari or firefox? Or does the issue only occur in Chrome? If it is only in the one browser what version of Chrome is it?

ACtually in Firefox it seems to work ok, seems like only Chrome has the issue, sorry for the confusion

What is the browser version for Chrome? Are there any updates available?

I just restarted this morning to complete the latest update, I am on Version 120.0.6099.71 (Official Build) (arm64)

I am not seeing the same thing on Chrome on MAC but I just updated and it is a different version, slightly. Version 120.0.6099.109

Check for the new update and try again.