Video Object Detection Rule and Light Automation


Got my video analytics and set up my Video object detection rules set up, and so far it working quite well and not triggering every time a snow flake passes by the camera. I also did some tests by running around like a crazy person and it detected me almost instantly (except it takes a couple of minutes to get to my phone). All good though, nice feature!

I did have one question, it seems you can automate a light with the video object detection feature, however, it seems to be only for z-wave lights. i.e. For example, I can’t set it up to turn on a Lutron light when a camera detects a person, car or animal. Which is interesting because I’m able to do it with other event-triggered rules, but not the video object detection rule. Are they eventually going to include this or am I missing something?


Glad you like the feature! It should substantially reduce false recordings.

Yes, I believe that light integration is only available with Z-wave lights specifically at this time, but I doubt it would remain that way for too long. We’ll check with ADC to see if there is any ETA on integrating Lutron in addition to Z-wave with the Object Detection rules.


I have this question too. I would love to be able to automate my lutron lights when a person is detected. Can add detected person as an “event” for event triggered automation??

Unfortunately still only Z-wave devices can be selected in video analytics setup. I am happy to forward this as a feature request to