Video Monitoring with Local Storage?

Is there a way to set up video monitoring through but store the footage locally on a hard drive at my house? I’d like to be able to see video feed through my app, but I’d prefer to take care of storage myself. I know there are other video surveillance systems that will do this, but I don’t want to have to run and pay for yet another app to watch the feed remotely. video monitoring does not yet support a hard storage system. The closest you could get would be to download all of the video clips onto your computer. However, that would very quickly eat up your monthly upload limit.

That being said, is currently working on an NVR that they are going to unveil at ISC West. Unfortunately, I don’t have anymore information that that. I am excited to see what the NVR is capable of and what the technical details are. A hard storage system for monitoring is something that I’ve wanted to see realized for quite some time now and I’m glad they’re finally unveiling something.