Video doorbell & security camera cloud based storage concerns

Can you advise on & Surety’s policy when it comes to cloud based doorbell and video storage?

I came across this article today regarding amazon and google doorbell cameras.

Is the video end to end encrypted? Negating this issue for the most part?
Does ever share cloud based video with 3rd parties?
How does use of/ addition of a local NVR affect this?
Does have access to local NVR storage if this video is no longer on the cloud?

From ADC: All video streams, as well as any video device commands, are sent over a VPN connection using bank-grade AES-256 encryption. This means that even if there is no security on the local Wi-Fi network (or the Wi-Fi security is somehow compromised), cameras always connect over a high-security path, using either the VPN (for relayed connections) or through HTTPS (for direct connections).

This includes SVR streams. SVR storage is separate from cloud storage. Same with SD card video. SD card video is encrypted and can only be played when the card is inside the camera, through your ADC account.

To my knowledge ADC does not share video with authorities outside of subpoenas. Recent video is shared with monitoring operators temporarily for video verification if you have enabled that on a Complete or Protect plan and an alarm occurs.

Just confirmed with ADC, they only provide video to authorities through their legal dept if they receive a subpoena to do so.