Video Doorbell Error

I’m trying to add the video doorbell via the app. I went through all the instructions and once I get to the “name your device” section it errors out when I hit next and logs me out of the app. I’ve logged back in and tried going through the process 4-5 times and each time it errors out and logs me out. Any advice on how to fix this?

What model of doorbell are you trying to add?

If this is the VDB770, have you tried in the website yet as well?

Are you entering a valid name before tapping next?

What is the error message you are seeing when this occurs?

Here’s what I’m seeing

Please login to the website instead and try adding there. Do you see the same issue?

I tried doing it on the website, but there is no doorbell Camera option only regular cameras. Only the app has the doorbell camera option from what I’m seeing.

The VDB770 can be added like a normal camera through the website.

Visit the video page, add a camera.

There is no doorbell cameras on the list or a way to add it.

Thank you, your VDB770 should be discovered on that page and displayed as an option.

Can you send a private message with the MAC address of that VDB770?