Video doorbell ADC-VDB105 Firmware

My installed video doorbell ADC-VDB105 was running on firmware 3062 prior to activation of Surety/ service, and was working fine initially after activation. But for some reason, Surety/ login page prompted me that there is a new firmware available, and so I clicked the upgrade button in my account. And after this, it “upgraded” the firmware to a lower version number 3052. Now I have lost ‘motion detection 2’ feature, and the video doorbell keep recording clips every few minutes, even without any real motion, and I had to stop the motion recording feature. This seems more like a downgrade to me, and I would like to go back to my old firmware. How do I go back to the 3062 firmware version?

There is no way to manually re-apply at the moment, but I will reach out to ADC for info on when we can re-apply 3062.

See this related thread. This describes the issue which occurred here.

Essentially if you see an older firmware as the “most recent” if you upgrade you will be flashing older firmware onto the device. Avoid doing so.

ADC does rolling staggered updates when new versions are available, and they do not make the new version manually accessible at first. I’ve complained about this to them, and will continue to do so as it doesn’t make sense to me, but be sure to not upgrade if you see an older firmware listed.

Alright, good news, ADC was able to manually push this again quick for me, your device should be on 3062 again now.

You’ll see that upgrade firmware prompt again in video device settings, but don’t update as it will revert.

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Thank you very much… Much appreciated.

I still don’t see doorbell camera stream in the online account. So can’t see the stream from there. Although I can access it fine from the app. Anyway to get the video doorbell stream back on the online account?

The Skybell does not stream on the website. The live stream is available by app only (or IQ Panel 2+ screen).