Very happy Customer

Just wanted to share my experice with suretyCAM for anyone who comes across this site when looking into 2gig as I did (actually a differnt forum but I posted this on two places and did not feel like rewording). I almost signed with vivent until I did some reseach and saw all the bad reviews. In looking into 2gig I came across this site and saw a recommendation for suretyCAM. I purchased a full system online (2gig control panel, door sensors, smoke and Co2, Key fobs, flood sensor, Door lock, garage door control, motion sensors, thermostats, video camera). Once I provided some basic information on the set up they shipped it the next day. I was able to install the whole system myself without much issue. Everything is very simple to install and they program everything for you (changing the door lock is a little more complicated and the instructions stink but fairly easy to work through). I have had a couple of minor issues which they were very quick to respond to and help resolve. While I had to pay for my system upfront and did not get the “free” system some others offer it is well worth the money upfront and will be much cheaper in the long run. Having complete control and actually owning my system makes it well worth it. I have even started to install some a zwave light switch (started with the GE non dimmamble switch from lowes). It paired easy with the control panel and works with the LED recessed lighting I have. My wife who hates technolgy has even been impressed so far with how well it works. In case you are unsure based on what I have said I would definitly recommend the 2Gig setup and purchasing from suretyCAM

Thank you, Kevin. We appreciate the kind words! If there is ever anything else we can help with, please be sure to let us know.

I agree with this! We almost signed with Vivint, but then due to some circumstances and reading the reviews and this site we went with SuretyCam. I would only do business with SuretyCam, because they are pioneering Security and have knowledgable people. I have added new equipment to my house and if things are ever too complex or we need some guidance they are there to help!