Verizon Module Signal Strength Weak

I’m concerned about the signal strength of the cell module I purchased with my system. Prior to my selection, I entered my address into the coverage check tool on the Surety website and was indicated that Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile all offered full coverage to my address. Not using any of these as my service provider, I had no method for verification, so based on the 2 reviews, I chose Verizon. When I power up the unit the first time (open air, middle of a room) I only had 11/31 signal strength. Moving throughout different areas of the house did not improve this. Final mounting location indicates only 9/31.

I’m concerned this is contributing to a few communication issues I have had. On every Cell Signal Test, the first response always indicates there was no communication with ADC, please wait. In then immediate makes contact and completes the test successfully. There have been times, however, where remote commands have not been accepted or able to update status in the ADC app. During the most recent time commands were not accepted, I ran a Cell Signal Test and after multiple failed attempts to communicate, it rebooted the modem on its own and the system immediate begin functioning normal again.

My overall concern is that perhaps the Verizon card was not the best option for my house. Is there any kind of exchange/trade-up program that would allow me to swap for the AT&T module in the hopes for more consistent communication? I know there is an external antenna, but given the overall Verizon coverage in the house, I’m not convinced there would be an improvement.

You will generally want to ensure you have a signal strength of 11 or higher, so another module carrier is worth a try. Our return policy is found here.

ATT HSPA modules are available on suretyDIY here.

However, placement of the panel often dictates a signal strength swing of quite a few points from location to location in the home. It may be beneficial to check signal strength near exterior walls on opposite sides of the home to see if the signal is generally weaker all around or if something in the home’s construction is dampening it.

You might consider a 2GIG Go!Bridge in addition the cellular module as well… assuming you have Internet access.

I thought about adding the Go!Bridge, but still want to make sure the backbone is as strong as it can be during a power or network outage. I’ve gone ahead and ordered an AT&T module and will see if there’s any improvement.


Once you have the new module and are ready to swap either email us at asking for a module swap, or during business hours you can also Live Chat us. If you ordered from us we will have the module number recorded, but if you ordered from elsewhere be sure to have that ready too. (On AT&T boxes, it is generally listed as the “IMEI”. The video below shows how to find it once its installed.)