Verizon 3g losing registration, access denied

Hello, Friday my Verizon 3g cell connection failed to register to the network. After trying the 3 x walk test solution Saturday, I powered down the panel and removed the battery back up for a complete reboot. The network then registered correctly. However, later that day it once again lost registration. After a complete reboot today, communication restored. I watched the radio status page. I saw it go from connected, to idle, connected, then reconnecting while still displaying “registered.” After the reconnecting status, registration status becomes “access denied.” So, my module is functioning, but being denied access to the network. Can the registration status be confirmed on the Surety end of things?

Edit 1: The radio has reconnected, with a message connected (OTASP OK), status: registered. Then trying to connect (OTASP Ok). I have signal. Ok, just watched it change to registration denied, connection status idle (OTASP Ok)

Edit 2: while registered and status idle, commands from the app are not received by the panel.

I would highly recommend going ahead and upgrading to the newer LTE communicator because as time comes closer and closer ur gonna continue to have issues where 3g is set to sunset

Unfortunately 3G signaling issues generally mean you should swap the module out, as the 3G network is being sunset by carriers and it will see impacts to quality leading up to the sunset date.

It looks like you may have already ordered a new module. Once you have the new module you can swap the IMEI so the new module can communicate to your account by visiting the System Manager and selecting Swap Cellular Module/Panel.

Thanks, and yes I ordered the new module. I was going to find a solution to keep it on the air in the interim as well. I didn’t have high hopes with the sudden and strange behavior. My panel is 1.10 firmware and had to actually read the upgrade tree listed on the page with the firmware upgrade cable. I had in my head that 1.5 was higher firmware than 1.10 reading it as a decimal instead of whole number. Glad the version tree was listed long form so it finally dawned on me that my firmware was capable of upgrade to the new version.