Veralite Qolsys IQ2 Compatibility

I’m planning to replace an HAI security/home automation system with a new system based on I have a lot of HAI Universal Powerline Bus (UPB) dimmer switches in my house that I’m trying to avoid replacing given the cost. I have found a UPB to Z-wave bridge that I’m planning to implement that communicates with a Veralite Z-wave controller ( I think I want to go with the Qolsys IQ2 as my control panel. It is my understanding that the Veralite controller can communicate with the IQ2 with one being primary and the other secondary (not sure which is which).

Is anyone aware of any instructions for how to implement the Veralite and IQ Panel 2 so that they communicate and everything can be controlled by the IQ2? My ultimate goal is for everything to be managed by the Qolsys panel and the iPhone app to keep things simple for my wife and kids. Would a different panel be better suited for this purpose?

Thanks in advance for any help!


Unfortunately for the intended purpose this would not work with any Alarm panel.

Adding another controller into the mix is typically done to have more types of devices in an automation system than are compatible through, but only those compatible with could be viewed and controlled through

If the devices cannot directly communicate to the IQ Panel 2, you wouldn’t be able to use them with it by adding a controller.

Out of curiosity, what is the UPB to Z-wave bridge you are referring to? Do you have a link or model number? Depending on how it functions there may be an option.

Thanks Jason, I was hoping there was a way to trick the IQ2 into thinking they were Z-wave devices. The bridge is Web Mountain’s RUC2, a newer version (still in beta) of their RUC1: The RUC2 provides Alexa control and a few other things, and the developer has configured it to communicate with the Veralite to perform at least 1-way control of UPB switches from Z-wave triggers like motion detectors, etc. My thought was to somehow configure the Qolsys panel to send Z-wave commands (Kitchen overhead lights on) in response to input from the panel or iPhone app and have the Veralite translate that into a UPB command to control the switch.

What other option were you thinking of?

The only way it would work is if the translation device presented each UPB device as a virtual Z-wave device, with the correct command class etc., and they each learn in individually. If that is the case, you might be able to use it.

Quite simply the device must be compatible with Qolsys directly. Only standard Z-wave Dimmers would be. If these are presented as standard virtual dimmers, it might work. I don’t see confirmation of how the device actually functions.

Thanks for the help Jason. I think I’m just going to scrap the UPB dimmers and get new Z-wave ones. Expensive but much simpler.