Veraedge vs Veralite

Hi, I saw in some older posts instructions on configuring the veralite with the 2gig panel as a secondary controller. Would this likely work the same with the newer veraedge controller?

The process would likely be the same, though I have not worked with a Vera Edge myself and cannot say for certain. I doubt they would limit support for secondary controllers.

Are there some limitations in using the 2gig panel as a secondary controller, but could you possibly summarize what is the current state of things? One thing was ADC scene support that people seem to be waiting on - I am trying to plan whether I use ADC and the 2gig alone or use a vera along with it. My experience with ADC has been about a week now and I have one light controlled - I know I’ll need to add more devices to really test the limits but it seems with the ADC groups and rules it might be enough. Thanks!

Adding Vera would give you local scene trigger controls and more product integration. rules offer largely the same results, but do not support one button customized scene control. You can’t, say, designate a button in the app to turn on three specific dimmers to 50% and turn off all other lights. You would have to control each separately. You can use scenes on the 2GIG panel, but not

You can also only use automation rules (event trigger based automation) either using or the 2GIG panel, not both.

The Vera makes it so locally you can use scene and rule controls through a 3rd party device. It is also more useful if you have Zwave equipment you’ve invested in that does not work with the 2GIG panel.

Starting fresh, an additional controller may not really be all that helpful.

Thanks Jason. How does adding Vera affect the 2gig panel and equipment I already have? Really my primary objective is a reliable security system - but as I get more into this technology I’m interested in more light automation. My house is a mess of light switches in the wrong places and one thing I’d like is wall mounted controllers that operate other zwave fixtures. Is that possible with the ADC rules? Can a button press on another controller (not app or panel) be an event trigger? Have you tried the Lutron Caseta ADC integration?

It does not really affect the 2GIG panel in any way. It changes the process for learning in equipment.

Vera and anything requiring it to be integrated into the network will not be controllable in any way from, only the devices compatible with your control panel. The 2GIG panel will receive any compatible device info from Vera when paired. Lights locks and thermostats will still function through ADC as normal.

Vera also would allow additional integration such as Zwave wall-button panels you mentioned. (Not controllable through ADC, but it sounds like the intention is just a better local control layout)

If you are looking for a more robust lighting system which will integrate with and afford a lot of local customization with button panels, etc., Lutron is a good choice. It simply integrates in the back-end servers. Lutron would not communicate with your other alarm equipment directly in any way.

Both Caseta and RadioRa2 are compatible.

One thing I noticed using the ADC app and my zwave dimmer- the delay between the button press and the light response. All things considered the latency wasn’t bad…but you are correct better local control layout is huge for me. I assume local control with Vera will be nearly instant (ideal). With Lutron integrated to ADC, does that latency still exist?

No, the Lutron system communicates via IP which allows communication as near instantaneous as possible.

The 2GIG panel and Zwave devices can have that latency issue eliminated by using the GoBridge IP Communicator as a secondary means of communication. Commands will be routed across IP. Keep in mind the GoBridge uses an Image Sensor slot on the panel.

Since local control is vital- I’m aiming for control even when the internet is down. I hadn’t thought about the IP Communicator, but that is dependant on my internet connection, which while nice to speed up the ADC commands to the 2gig, isn’t enough. Is the Lutron system like the Vera where if I set up a local controller (wall mounted) and a light, is there functionality with no internet?

Yes. The lights do not communicate over IP, just the main repeater. It is a self contained system.