VDB770 Not Ringing Panel

I have a Qolsys 4 panel and two remotes. None of them ring when the button on my VDB770 is pressed. But I do get push and text alerts in my phone and can see video. So I know it’s connected to the internet.

I can’t find an action to program or chime to enablement my panel. I thought I remembered something about internet network can cause this. Are there troubleshooting steps I can take?


Records indicate the Panel’s firmware is outdated. You can follow this link to a guide for updating your IQ Panel 4. This will eliminate any known troubles and utilize the newest communication enhancements.

Following that, at this link you can find some troubleshooting steps for a like-model which include ensuring the chime on the panel is enabled.

Please let me know if you continue to have trouble or have any other questions.

Go on the alarm.com app on your phone

Tap on the camera
Tap on settings
Tap on stream video to panel
Tap to select the desired cameras to stream to the panel.
Tap save allow a few minutes for settings to save to the panel.
The panel might need to power cycle.