VDB770 no indoor chime?

Installed 770 at sisters house, camera functions fine but indoor chime does not? I have checked both “mechanical” and “digital “ , changed volume, but nothing works. Anyone have any suggestions?
I’m not far from Lowe’s, I may just buy a new mechanical doorbell.


What kind of chime is installed there? Can you post a photo of the inside and the wiring?

What is the voltage of the doorbell transformer? Please post a photo of that transformer if possible too.

Chime is Heath zenith TR-0070-BX.
Voltage at terminal is 15v AC.

I can’t find transformer anywhere.

I have wired the power module EXACTLY as instructions, with two wires going outside to the VDB770.

I’m guessing the wiring is close to ok since the cam gets power and is working normally, takes video, and signals my push notifications thru ADC when the outside button is pushed.

Video and audio works as advertised.

I can send photos in morning.

Thanks for any suggestions.

You motivated me to check wiring, and I read online about diodes.
So I reversed the two white wires, and chimes work now, but it takes a long push on the doorbell button.

Hanks for helping, we got it working!

Hanks for helping, we got it working!

Glad to hear!