Vdb770 - flashing red only

I have a vdb770 which has been working well for a week or two on a new install; but I came today and it was flashing red. Nothing’s changed, I have other cameras on the same system that haven’t had any issues and I haven’t changed any wifi configurations.

I’ve tried removing the doorbell then replacing it, restarting wifi, and doing both and it just seems to be flashing red. I’ve also tried holding it down for 10/20/30 seconds which will turn it light blue but then back to red.

I’m kind of disappointed as it was working quite well until now and given that nothing changed, I’m not sure what the issue is.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

The first things to check here are related to power.

Can you confirm that you have installed the power module that comes with the VDB-770?

What is the V and VA rating of the doorbell transformer being used?

Please post a photo of the transformer with any identifying markings/label, and the chime wiring.