VDB770 config

I have a halloween decoration on my porch that doesn’t move but still trips the VDB770’s “detected at your doorbell” sensor several times an hour. Is there a way to exclude this guy so it no longer trips the sensor?

Happy to assist!

You cannot choose an item in the camera’s field of view to be omitted. However, you may be able to mitigate by adjusting the Ground Zone for the VDB770, make adjustments to the Sensitivity, or by moving the object in question out of the field of view.

Some standard best practices for Ground Zones include:

  • Always draw the Ground Zone on the ground or floor itself - not in the air or on the ceiling.
  • Ground Zones use an estimation of where a person, animal or vehicle is touching the ground to trigger - it is not necessary for the zone to extend so far up the frame.
  • Avoid objects that are prone to movements, such as trees, flags or other objects that move in the wind.
  • After observing what the rule detects over a few days, consider adjusting the Detection Sensitivity slider higher for more triggers or lower for fewer.
  • If you are receiving too many notifications for the same event, you can extend the time between clip recordings.