V724 Cameras disconnecting from CSVR

I have four cams, V515,WellCAM, and 2 V724 that are all provisioned on my CSVR126. the V515 and WellCam all work flawlessly with the CSVR but the V724s very often seem to lose connection with the SVR for days at a time until they are either rebooted or they just magically reconnect. I am at a lost they are on the same layer 2 network and i have even went as far as factory resetting the cams and the SVR and rebuilding my setup from scratch. However when they lose connection to the SVR they are still working flawlessly with the ADC cloud. Any ideas before my hair turns gray lol?

The first suggestion would be regarding the wifi network. It looks like the V724s show as being connected to a 5Ghz band right now.

I would recommend switching those over to a dedicated 2.4Ghz band with unique SSID.

Is this a single access point or multiple access points? What model router?

Its a single TPLink router. I will try switching it to 2.4 only and report back. Does the WellCam and V515 only support 2.4 or are they connect to 5 as well @jwcsurety

They do not report the band they are connected to, however the V515 can only connect to 2.4

The recommended changes have been made. I will monitor for a few days and report back if it repaired the issue. Thank you for the assistance @jwcsurety

Hey Jason, When I switched to all 2.4Ghz the problems got worse (i dont think my router could handle that much traffic on one band (its really cheap as it is a seperate router just for the cameras and alarm.) Initially I had it setup in AP mode just sharing my IoT VLAN on my home network but when I put it in router mode as a totally separate network it is now working flawlessly (knock on wood). I will monitor for a couple more days and let you know if the issue is resolved. Thanks for all the help as usual :slight_smile: