V520IR not recording per schedule


I installed a V520IR in mid december. One of the schedules was to record every time the front entry door is opened. It was working correctly righ up to a week ago. The camera works correctly in live view, but does not record. I’ve tried deleting and then adding the “recodring schdule” with no chnage. I did a power cycle on the camera last night and it did record when I checked it, but not working again this morning. Anything else I should try or check? Thanks.

The first thing I would check is your upload limit if a recording schedule stops functioning. If you have exceeded the monthly uploads, only alarm-triggered clips will be generated.

Recently ADC made many changes to their video/camera end. Totally revamped it

What i suggest is to remove the 520IR from Alarm.com and reset it via the reset button on camera. Then re-add it back to alarm.com.

I have had many a problem with my cameras (520IR and 610pt), and this usually works

FYI: disable Tamper rule (it doesnt work properly, and functions like a redundent VMD rule)

Also, see: http://www.2gigforum.com/threads/172-ADC-revamps-video-uploads-and-storage-limits

Jason, I did check and I have not reached the limit.

rive, I’ll try that tonight and report back.