Utilizing Nest Smoke with Simon

Hello. I have 2 Nest smoke alarms and a Nest Thermostat. I also have a Simon Interlogix LTE home alarm system with the Alarm.com App on my phone. I do not have live monitoring with Fire/Police at this time, but might add monitoring in the future. My question is, is there a way to connect my Nest Smoke alarms to my home alarm system so if I add live monitoring it would notify the Fire Department.

Let me know. Thanks.

The Nest smoke detector is not directly compatible with the Simon panel. However, as the Nest Smoke should produce a temporal 3 cadence (T3) upon activation, it may be possible to utilize an Interlogix FireFighter to send a signal from the Nest smoke to the Simon XT/XTi.

While I have not attempted this pairing before, the FireFighter monitors the alarm cadence of existing UL smoke detectors. When an alarm is detected, a signal is sent to the control panel which would then notify central monitoring station (if utilized).

You would only need one FireFighter if all smokes are interconnected.