Utilizing a SkyBell HD with suretyDIY and Alarm.com

I just bought a SkyBell HD and would like to know if its possible to set it up to my alarm system.

It is certainly possible!

You will need to have either Alarm.com Cloud Video Level 1 or the SkyBell-Only Video add on enabled on your account. Features and pricing of Add-ons can be found here. When you are ready to select the add on that best fits your needs, please send your request utilizing our Secure Message Tool.

You will also need to meet or exceed the following network requirements:
Frequency Band: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network only.
Upload Speed: Minimum 1.5mbps but 2-2.5mbps is suggested.
Wireless Strength: Good 90-100%, Poor 85-90%, Bad 84% or Lower. Keep in mind this is at the installation

It is also worth noting that the Alarm.com SkyBell HD must be installed using the Alarm.com mobile app.