Utilizing a Simon XT System

I just purchased a home three months ago and the old owners left a wired in full Simon XT with door , window and motion sensors, as well as two key fobs. My wife and I would like to use the system but do not know how to get it working with the access codes and stuff. We would like to monitor the system ourselves. We are kind of avoiding leaving the house for long periods of time due to the system not being armed. thank you for your time to this matter.

Welcome to the forum, happy to assist!

This page here covers how to obtain service through suretyDIY with a Simon XT. Note that the Simon XT and XTi share the same Alarm.com cellular communication module.

We offer two service plans Basic Interactive and Gold Interactive. Both can be used to self monitor your system through Alarm.com. This page here shows a comparison of the two plans as well as pricing and additional add ons.