Using Preexisting Equipment

I have a few devices that are still in my home from the original alarm system. Most were reused when I got service with my previous provider, but others were not incorporated into the system when they installed it. I confirmed the original piezo siren is still functional last night with a 9V battery. I plan on hooking that up to the bell connections on my control panel.

The question is I also have a Chemetronics heat detector in the kitchen that wasn’t hooked up. I found some documentation and if I recall, it’s basically a normally open switch. Can I just hook that up to my takeover module and assign it as a (0708) Existing Heat Sensor in the control panel?

You would not be able to do that, no. The takeover accepts NC circuits only and will not work with life safety devices.

That said, Honeywell does make 5800 series wireless sensors with NO inputs. It would not be a UL solution or meet any sort of code, but I think it may be possible to get some use out of it if that is what you want. (You would want to use this purely as a non-reporting sensor for notification purposes) For the trouble, it is probably better to just replace it. The SMKT3-345 has a fixed heat detector built in along with its smoke and freeze detection.

I have a SMKT3-345. I was just looking for supplemental heat detection. Sounds like it’s going to be more more costly than it’s worth. Thanks Jason for the quick response.

Ah, so it looks like I can run it directly to the control panel as it has two hard wire loops that can be assigned N.O. or N.C. Would that be a viable solution?

If you try it and it works then it’s up to you. We’re not supposed to recommend it because it’s not a UL listed fire detection setup.

Understood. Thank you sir.