Using panel previously locked out


Thanks for helping me out - I picked up a 2GIG vivnit panel at a garage sale. The panel is model 2GIG-CP11-345E with software version 1.9.6. It has the 2GIG-REC2-345E receiver installed, backup battery and a cellular module which I determined is locked out and un-usable. All appears to be working OK except a major item (system configuration) access to add devices. I gained initial access using the duress code (user 8) and changed the user code for master user 1. Next I accessed the toolbox using default code 2203 that I read about. So far so good - I thought! I gained access to the toolbox using code 2203, but once in, I went to select “system configuration” and it gives me the message that the “feature is locked and to contact tech support”. I read on the forum that vivint typically locked the panel programing with Q44-Q45, thereby not allowing or denying end users from making changes. I guess that is what I am experiencing and need help. Without access, I cannot add devices as you well know.

So, I next read on the forum that a hard reboot would “reset the panel to factory” and change the out of box installer code back to 1561. Reading posts on instructions on “how to” “take over” a panel back and get it back to factory settings I performed the following steps in hopes of achieving that with this panel. Here is what I did: (1) disconnected AC power source, (2) disconnect battery, (3) I also removed a known locked cell module-didn’t know if that mattered (4) pressed and held in the two front panel buttons while reconnecting the power (5) the panel rebooted, however the panel still does not allow me access to system configurations from the tool box. It appears that nothing has changed, the panel staying locked down with regard to system configuration.

I have looked on line for another cell module in the meanwhile and did find one for instance on e-bay that I have used your module check on – here is what it said:

Your cellular module Removed by Administrator is unregistered and can be monitored by suretyCAM. Your module is a CDMA radio on the Verizon network running firmware version 601127 and is two way voice capable. Congratulations, your module has a 3G radio!

So, will installing this unit allow you at your end to remotely enter the system and fix the Q44 and Q45 lockouts that is keeping me from using this panel? I am not sure I will want to use monitoring with it at this point vs. just something to make noise at a garage I have until I learn more of what it can do.

What am I doing wrong? Any help is appreciated, I am open to suggestions to make this thing work - thank you!

Local resets will not default installer information or lock-out.

We are unable to access a panel without service. See here for directions on how to activate service from an capable system.

An unregistered 3G module is indeed required for service, and if it is 1.9.6 you should be able to use the module without a firmware upgrade (though we would still recommend upgrading)

You are Q44 locked out, and cannot reset Q’s because Q45 is also locked out.

Local resets will not default installer information or lock-out.

if Q45 programming lock was (0) defaulted, the Q44 lockout would be defaulted to 0 by rebooting while holding in both EMERGENCY and HOME buttons, then by checking “console”. Effectively resetting all panel Q’s to default (Q44 lockout default is 0 disabled).

Once you activate no contract month2month service on the cell module ($14-$27/month), you can have Q44 reset to 0, thus unlocking panel and giving you access to system config. SuretyCAM DIY service can be canceled anytime BTW.

Thanks for the info and re-posting for me Dexter, I wrote this question using the website question area and not on the forum.

I am new with all this 2GIG panel stuff - learning more each day. Again, this is a vivnit panel and cell module, which I believe why it has been locked down in programming… Based on my information provided from testing the ADC number on the module checker regarding the cell module came as follows - “Your cellular module <### Removed by Administrator> is unregistered and can be monitored by suretyCAM. Your module is a CDMA radio on the Verizon network running firmware version 601127 and is two way voice capable. Congratulations, your module has a 3G radio!” Questions I need answers to:
(1) does this mean with month-2-month service Suretydiy can access my panel and reset Q44 and 45?
(2) does this allow me to have the panel “system configuration” accessible.
(3) do I now have a paper weight because it cannot be re-provisioned from behind the scene?
(4) how do I proceed if its not a paper weight?

Thanks for all the help… will check back for your replies… THANKS!

  1. Yes reset Q44. You can then reset Q45 yourself
  2. Yes
  3. If you do not reprovision/unlock it its a paperweight
  4. get a plan, activate module, have Q44 reset to 0


Things you might need and steps to follow for unlocking the panel would be identical to this.

All of our customers have full access to all programming features.

Odd, I factory set my panel (Pulled the battery, pulled the power supply, held the front 2 buttons and plugged the power supply back in) and was able to get into the toolbox using 1561. I set Q44 to 0 and changed the installer code. At that point, I had to add all the sensors back in, but that was no big deal since I could access the toolbox. My firmware is also on 1.9.6.

Only difference is my cell module is still active (with vector till the end of the month). I just check Q44 every day or so to make sure they don’t lock me out.

Maybe I got lucky or maybe the difference is the cell module.

It depends on the previous provider. As stated above Q45 will determine what gets defaulted. Many (most?) installers will lock out installer programming and lock out defaults. (The company mentioned by OP typically does this)

If you purchase a used panel, 44 and 45 may lock you out of programming or defaulting the panel. As soon as service is set up through suretyDIY, your panel will be remotely unlocked through our automated template regardless.


Vector locked out Q44, but neglected to lockout Q45. Next time, make sure you only select “console” not “Zones” and you wont have to reprogram all sensors

Hello everyone - thanks again for all the input with my problem…

I tried one last time to perform a hard reset doing the process that MAC424 quoted, and it failed - guess he was luckier with his panel. So, my next step will be to place and order with suretyDIY for the “Vivout Freedom Quick Start Kit”. From what I read, this will provide me with a new cell module, monitoring via and a software update cable. I have to ask these last assuring questions

(1) Will this kit definitely work with this locked out VIVINT panel - model 2GIG-CP11-345E, running software version 1.9.6??

(2) Will I have to perform an update right up front to begin this take-over process or can I plug in and play.

(3) How do I go about getting the Q44 and Q45 reset?

(4) Is there a tech support telephone number at suretyDIY to call to go over all of this once I have the module installed and ready to go?

Sorry for all the questions, learning curve smoothing out with all your help.

1: Any Go!Control panel will be able to be repurposed so long as it has 1.5 firmware or later (required to be able to update to more recent versions)

2: Technically order does not matter if your firmware can accommodate the module, but we would recommend updating first.

3: This automatically happens with service activation. Follow the instructions in your welcome email to connect your panel and allow 15-20 minutes for initial commands to be sent.

4: No. This forum however is answered directly by technicians such as myself. If you have technical questions, this is the place to come.

2: Technically order does not matter if your firmware can accommodate the module, but we would recommend updating first.

Armdon is already running firmware 1.9.6, either 3G module will not require an upfront update for the panel to see the module, or to perform the reprovisioning, or make the module work “out of the box”.

ACTIVATE service on the module, reboot panel, manually perform a cell phone test, if successful, you are good to go. Panel will reprovision.

Once you reprovision, a small update will occur on panel (you will see the cell tower symbol), you will use your newly chosen installer code to access system config.

You can then change, enable and fully optimize the Vivint panel, here is how:
(note- you will not have all the configurable options shown below on firmware 1.9.6)

Firmware download:

First, change your User 8 code (2580), to something only you know.

To access panel setting configuration:
Logo>enter installer code>system configuration>" go to", then enter “05”, then “go to”, enter " 06", then “go to”, enter " 07"… etc, for each Q. (For example, to disable Q45 lockout, hit “go to”, then enter 45, then enter 0. Numbers in parentheses are the numbers to enter on each programming (Q)uestion)

Q8(0) disabled leave disabled unless you have telephone/POTS monitoring **
Q9 **
Q10 **
Q11 **
Q12 **
Q16(1) select (2) for silent police panic
Q21(0) wired siren supervision (leave disabled unless you have a wired siren)
Q29(1) Daily periodic test (be sure to inform CS (Central Station) to log daily test event)
Q40 **
Q41 **

  • Q43(installer code) change this, do not leave default
    Q44(0) lockout disabled
    Q45(0) lockout disabled
    Q46(1) select (0) for UL985 fire/smoke det equipped systems ( “0” if you have monitored smoke detectors)
    Q72(0) Quick Bypass select (1)enabled IF using secondary Keypads (2GIG-PAD1)to arm system.

The following is for enabling/setting zwave/home automation functionality

Q79(3) enabled (select (2) if you do not have empower add on and want to control zwave rules/scenes from panel )
Q80(1) enabled switches/lights
Q81(1) enabled thermostats
Q82(1) enabled door locks
Q83(0) F° (select (1) for C° tstat temp display)
Q84(0) services require code (disabled)
Q85(1) master user zwave toolbox access (zwave device install)

Q88(0) zwave siren mode (burglary and fire)
Q89(1) backlight always on option
Q90(2) enabled zwave energy feature/metering
Q91(1) ADC cellular module

The following is for enabling and configuring IP broadband Internet connectivity (requires Go!Bridge)

Q92(0) none Network Device
Q93(30) broadband network failure time
Q94(1) enabled broadband network failure causes trouble
Q95(1) enabled broadband network failure reports

Q97(0) Select Sound on Normal Closing Acknowledgment

Thanks for the information - I’m almost there! I was just on shopping section of suretyDIY website and have a question before I finalize my order… With the VIVINT opt-out kit, does the Verizon 2GIG-GCCDMV-A cell module in the kit include the external antenna as part of it or is it something that needs to be ordered/added separately?? I did not find it listed on the site as a separate part/item, but I did not want to “assume anything” and have to wait for a second delivery if not included. Thanks again everyone…

Yes, each of the cellular modules comes with an external antenna.

Thanks for the quick “weekend” response Amanda… My order has been placed, and I cannot wait to get this process finally underway - I will be watching for the arrival of the new cell module this week.

Thanks again to everyone who replied for their help and input… I am sure I will have more questions once I get going on this next phase.

Hello again everyone…

My VIVINT-OUT package arrived and I just completed installing the cell module - it installed easily as I expected and came up and running just fine! The lockouts I originally wrote about have been reset with the SuretyDIY programming update as discussed.

I have left the panel at software version 1.9.6 until I have the opportunity to check the panel out and program a few sensors into it - at this time, I am good to go… Thanks again to everyone, I will go through your comments as I check out the panel per your earlier replies now that I have full access…

I am sure I will still have other questions in the future and am certain I can find answers here on this forum or I will start a new thread if needed. Thanks everyone - you have all be very-very helpful!!!

Hello can you help me

Hi, how can we help?

Hello i have a used panel but the configuration system is disabled an i want unlock this menu, but im from Mexico, mi panel is 2gig-gcx and this no have a cell module

If you have a 2GIG Panel, you can try to reset your panel via the steps found here. Note that if successful, this will default the codes and sensors on your system.

However, the installer of the system originally may have locked out this system default process, so if the steps are not successful in defaulting the installer code, you would need a service provider and cell module to unlock the panel.