Using old panel - no codes

I bought a home with a 2GIG-CP21-345E, from the previous owner, monitored by ASGSecurity. I want to use the unit to self-monitor. I don’t have the code or installer code, but I did grab the ADC number of the cell module, and it shows up as released. Can I use the $14.95 service to self-monitor, can you guys remotely unlock / change the code and installer code.

You will need the master code or the installer code in order to perform the cell test which is required to reprovision the panel and allow airfx remote access to system Q’s (installer code and lockouts).

You could recover all the user codes, Including the master code, if you had the installer code regardless of whether or not installer access is locked out.

Try a reset, if it works, master code may be 1111, and installer code may be 1561

Unplug battery, power up panel on AC, while at same time holding in home and emergency buttons, check both “console” and “zones”

If you can get it connected to then yes, we can reset your codes for you. The first thing I would try is resetting to factory defaults like @riven suggested. If that doesn’t work we can try just setting up your account and waiting. A cell phone test will immediately register the panel with but if we turned it on and waited a while (several hours) it might register on it’s own even without a cell phone test.