Using my Hardwired System

I currently have a Brinks system installed in my home. The previous owner installed it. The power comes from a plug in the garage. When I plug it in, the control panel comes on and all window and door sensors seem to work. I would like to replace the existing control panel and box while using existing sensors. I would also like the system to contact me instead of the police for self monitoring via land line. What can you offer?

Thank you in advance

Brinks is now ADT?
If wired sensors you will need a takeover module. Choices are Honeywell/2GIG or GE/Qolsys. If you have existing wired smoke detectors you will need to use a firefighter module. You cannot reuse wired CO detectors.

If you have wireless sensors, they may be Honeywell, in which case 2GIG may be best option.

Plans are here (DIY self monitoring is like $15 (basic) or $20 Gold w/ home automation)
Contact is via text or email alerts, but you will still need an ADC plan.

Here is a similar topic. It goes over using hardwired zones with a new wireless system.

suretyDIY does not offer landline monitoring. Monitoring and/or Interactive services utilize cellular communication. This page covers our service plans. You can order Basic or Gold Interactive Service with or without 24/7 monitoring.

Should you prefer to not use call center monitoring, you can just set up notifications in which can be sent via text message, email, or push notification to the ADC app on your phone.

We monitor any compatible system, but directly sell 2GIG and Qolsys found in our store.