Using exsting POE cameras with and SVR122

I recall seeing messaging saying you could use existing cameras with, but now that I bought a new home that has them I’m unable to find any info on using them with my Qolsys IQ2 and SVR122.

While I like my ADC-V723s, there are no electrical outlets in the places where the existing cameras are mounted.

Is there a way to use the existing POE cameras ? I would prefer to use the existing ethernet for any cameras.

It doesn’t look like I can use the existing cameras, but I found that ADC-VC736 and ADC-VC836 will work with Video Analytics when using a ADC-POE-INJ Power-Over-Ethernet Injector, so I can still use the existing POE cable and mounting positions.

Hello, that’s correct, unfortunately models of IP cameras will not work, but has POE models available like the VC736 and VC836. Those would be good options for you.