using existing wired contacts for qolsys panel??

Is the IQ Hardwire 16 (part number QS7121-840) the best way to do this? My friend and I are designing a system to replace his old GE NX-8 panel. I’ve attached a photo of his existing wiring in the NX-8.

How does the Hardwire 16 work? Do I basically take the old wiring from the NX-8 (minus the keypads) and rewire it to the Hardwire 16? All the hardwire devices (contacts and siren) terminate in the basement. My thinking is that I would place the Hardwire 16 there (in basement) and that would connect wirelessly to the qolsys panel which we would place on the first floor for better cell reception and more of a central location for the wireless contacts, etc.

Does this make any sense? I’m live in a pretty technical world every day but I don’t know too much about this stuff.


I see 8 zones? And you have, what, 6 or 7 actual sensors?

Keep in mind you can’t reuse any of the existing GE keypads, can’t use any wired life safety devices (smokes/CO)


Thanks! That looks to be a much better choice.

Also the sirens would not be used with the hardwire takeover module. Only the security sensors.

Is there any advantage of using the qolsys hardwire unit over the resolution other then more zones?

If you run into compatibility issues Qolsys might be less likely to blow it off if you’re using their own hardwire takeover module. That’s just a guess. I’m sure they do more testing with their own module than they do with Resolution Products’. Here is a post comparing some of the takeover modules.

I haven’t actually used an RE108 with a Qolsys panel before, I’ve only used it with Interlogix panels but they use the same wireless signaling.