Using exisiting alarm system help

We recently purchased a home with this security system installed in the home on all windows and doors. The previous owners didn’t leave any information/manuals about it and we have set it off twice without knowing how to turn off. Can you please help? We are also interested in the monitoring side of things and wanted to get some more information as well.

If it is Vivint branded you can recover the Master and all other user codes using 2203 installer code

Otherwise, if you do not know the Installer code, you will need to obtain a cellular module, and reset Q44 lockout Q43 Installer code via airfx

*Cell modules:

*Available plans ($15-$28/month, no contracts):

  • surety does not support service for Florida or Canadian residents.

If you specifically mean the previous owners were using suretyDIY, then getting started should be easy.

Just to be certain, you will want to check the communicator module serial number to make sure it is 3G. Here’s how to find the serial. Here’s where to find the module check tool.

If you have a usable 3G module, all you would need to do is order service.

If it is a 2GIG Go!Control Panel, user manuals can be found on the product page.

Unfortunately, we would not be able to give you the proper user or installer codes, which you would need to arm and disarm your system. (This video shows arming and disarming.) The previous users would need to provide this information.

Should that information be unavailable, you could default the panel by powering down the panel (unplug from the wall, and unplug the back up battery pack) and then powering back on while pushing the two buttons on the front of the panel at the same time while the panel powers back on. Depending on how programming was selected, this may default your installer code to “1561”. At which point, you would want to change the installer code to one of your choosing.