Using "bluetooth disarm" while also preventing streaming of bluetooth audio to IQ Panel 4?

I have been using the “bluetooth disarm” feature on the IQ Panel 4 and have really liked it. Today, however, I may have found a complication. I started to play a podcast on my phone and heard it coming out of the IQ Panel 4 in the next room.

I have no interest in ever having any of my phone audio, notifications, etc, coming out of the IQ Panel 4. Is there a way that I can prevent phone audio from being sent to the panel, while still allowing the “bluetooth disarm” feature to work?


The IQ Panel 4 can be selected as the audio output device for your phone if you have bluetooth connected, but it doesn’t have to be. This is controlled on your phone.

Some apps let you set audio output device defaults, or use Bluetooth settings.

For example on an android phone, go to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth > Config Gear for the panel device. Toggle off Audio.

Thanks Jason.

I was not able to find a similar setting on my iphone 12 pro max.

You can choose your playback device when playing music/media.

thanks for this suggestion. I may need to give this a try.

One bigger item I’m also noticing is that I do not get any audible text notifications when my iphone is connected to the panel via bluetooth. It’s not even like the text notifications ping on the panel instead of my phone, there is just no notification whatsoever.

I have purchased yale YRD156 lock, and am hoping that once I have it set up I will not really have any use for the bluetooth connection between my phone and the panel, since I should be able to setup a rule with the lock to disarm the house as soon as the lock code is entered.


Yes, that is correct, an automation rule can be created to automatically disarm upon a successful unlock event.

Along those lines, can I set the duress code to do the same (unlock while simultaneously disarming the system)? I love the idea of just entering the one code but losing the duress function would keep me from doing so.

Z-wave lock disarm on unlock rules work when any code unlocks the lock. You can set up a lock for Lock Triggered Duress, so that should work as you desired, however just to be clear, the Duress code should only be used in an event where emergency response is immediately needed but you do not want to tip off an intruder, like a hostage situation.

Yep, understand the purpose. Being accosted and forced to open the door/disarm the system under duress would be the projected use case.

I already have a duress code set so If I can do that from the lock without needing to unlock and then disarm from the panel, it would be of interest to me.