Using an Existing Panel

Using an existing 2GIG panel here, the module says it is currently registered. The previous provider was not surety. Perhaps I can work with to make sure it is completely removed?

Only the previous service provider would have access to cancelling the active account. Some service providers do not release modules after they have been in use per policy.

Also, keep in mind if that module is a 2G module, it could not be used regardless. If you would like to verify that please provide the model number of the module itself.

However, we are happy to help with any questions on getting it swapped out. This page goes over step by step how to use a 2GIG panel.

OK. Thanks, I will see if I can get them to cancel it.
How/Where would I find the model number of the module to see if it’s 2G or 3G?

If you open the panel and take a quick photo of the module and post it here we could help. It will be on a sticker on the module itself.

Model numbers for 3G cards are 2GIG GC3GA-A for AT&T and 2GIG GCCDMV-A for Verizon

This video shows how to open the panel and find the module.