Using ADC cameras

Im new to all of this, but I have two 2Gig HD100 cameras and two ADC-V721W cameras.
All are brand new in sealed boxes.
I would like to be able to view these cameras for my Android Note 5 cellphone and a Windows 10 laptop.
Please let me know what I will need to make this happen. Im thinking a 2GIG Go!Control Touch Screen Wireless Control Panel (2GIG-CP21-345E) is the 1st thing.
If these cameras will work with your system , could give me upfront and monthly cost ?

Technically you do not require an Interactive account if you are only looking for video. Video only is an option.

However, if you are looking for both an alarm interactive account and cloud video, you can order either level of service Basic or Gold, and use any compatible panel, the cameras directly communicate with ADC via internet, and do not communicate with the alarm panel directly. Cloud video can then be selected as an add-on to your interactive service.