Users deleted

I added a couple z-wave lights and while I was in the settings, went ahead and applied an update on my IQ Panel. Everything seemed to work fine, but yesterday while we were out at a water park with our phones in lockers, our house cleaner came and was unable to get into the house. When I got home, I checked and all of our users except admin and installer are gone. What happened? Did the update delete the users? This could have been a very bad situation if we had been gone and our pet sitters could not get into the house. If an update is going to delete users, it HAS TO prominently notify you during the install, this is completely insane.

I just checked and the users are still in, but not in the panel. I added one back directly into the panel since she will be here Monday. Not sure the proper way to make sure everything syncs back up again.

Deleting Users after a firmware update is not normal behavior and we are looking into this.

To better assist you, what day/time did the update take place? Did the user codes cease to function immediately after?

Note, the best way to create users is through, this will then sync with the panel. I am currently seeing 3 users in ADC is this correct? To resend existing users in to the panel try removing that users system access, then re-adding it. Wait for the panel to update and then repeat for each user not showing up. Does this update your users correctly?

The update was done on 7/23, some time in the afternoon I believe (eastern).

I do not know for sure if that is the event that wiped my users. Our admin code continued to work. It wasn’t until my house cleaner came on 8/3 that one of the other 2 users needed to access the system. But it is the only thing out of the ordinary that I can think of.

We did have an extended power outage on 7/18 that drained the backup battery, but I just checked the logs and the house cleaner came on 7/20 and was able to unlock the door, so I think the users were still valid at the point.

I have had a previous problem that I reported on here where users I create on ADC end up losing all their permissions and their names get messed up. It seemed like there was something out of whack with the user “slot number” that ADC was trying to assign to the panel and maybe that slot number already being in use. I found the only way I could get consistent results was if I created the user on the panel then put in the permissions on ADC once they synced.

We are getting ready to go out of town for a long weekend and need my petsitters to have access, so I am going to go back to that method and create the users on the panel. I can’t risk it not working and my pets being left unattended. Please let me know if you can find the event that deleted the users.

Have you had any other user error issues between your initial posting and this recent issue? History does not show of any users being deleted during or after when the firmware update was run

I have reached out to Qolsys to see if this is a known issue. I will post back when I have more information.

No, everything seemed to be fine since that initial posting and now.

The users were only deleted out of the panel as far as I could tell, they still existed in ADC.

I’ve deleted the users out of ADC, created new users on the panel, then made customizations to them in ADC once they synced. Everything seems to be back to normal now - in preparation for my trip this weekend.

According to Qolsys they have had some reports of unintended issues like this as a result of upgrading to 1.6.3. Have you noticed any other issues aside from the missing users?

This is the only thing that I have noticed. Thanks for looking into it.

My house cleaner came today and wasn’t able to get in again. I checked and our users are deleted again! She just came a week ago today, so it has happened in the last week. Please help, I need a solution for this, it is really unacceptable and could be catastrophic for our pets - we are leaving the country in October and absolutely need for our users to be able to get in.

I have an unrelated thread going about another issue, I rebooted the panel a couple days ago per his suggestion, not sure if it is related.

Are you setting up a timed-access or temporary user?

The user you seem to be referring to is not deleted from, but panel access was revoked by the primary account login on 8/23/2017.

You can login to and click the users page. Edit the appropriate user. Note that panel access is not selected. If they should have panel access on a schedule, you can select to grant panel access at the same times on selected days.

Note that a “Temporary User” is for a single set time period. It does not automatically renew. You would want to just create a normal user and give them access at selected times, which functions weekly.

If they are a temporary user or if you are manually revoking panel access, you would need to manually give access back after it has been revoked.

I have 2 secondary users, my pet sitters, and my house cleaner. I had revoked the access for the pet sitters since I try to only have their account have access when I know they will be coming. But my house cleaner comes on a regular basis and shows that she is an active user with Thursday only access. But she is not in the panel as a user.

Thank you for clarifying. Hmm, I am not seeing any revocation of the thursday access code. No deletion mentioned in history, so this would have happened locally, perhaps as an error on the IQ Panel 2, or possibly as an error with the user slot numbers.

Just to rule out something silly between the lock and panel, can you try using the pet-sitter code on the lock and panel?

It is now Thursday again and I just tested my secondary user codes. The pet sitter code did not work, the house cleaner code did work - and is in the panel. That is as expected.

So when I have the house cleaner set up for Thursday access, is ADC deleting the user from the panel when the access time is done, then re-adding the next Thursday? If so, is it possible there was a communication error last Thursday so the user just was not re-added properly? Is there any sign of the communication error last Thursday when the code did not work and the user was not in the panel?

We’re told the schedule is sent to the panel and processed locally. There are no commands or confirmation events in history regarding that code’s access on any Thursday I’ve looked into.

We are confirming that on an IQ panel with a couple tests.

Note that the scheduled user would be removed from the panel when not active. That is to be expected.

Just to make sure, you have never noticed the scheduled code not being given proper access on previous firmware?

I just checked and the house cleaners code is still active on the panel and it is Friday. She is programmed to only have access between 7AM-7PM on Thursdays. So this is definitely not working consistently, is not granting access at times, is not revoking it at others.

I never noticed this issue before upgrading the firmware.

I never noticed this issue before upgrading the firmware.

Alright, thank you for confirming. This should assist in locating the issue with the manufacturer. We will update and do some more testing locally to see if we can reproduce consistently.