User Codes Resetting Automatically


I’ve configured about 18 user codes from my profile. Picked a few and tested them to confirm they worked and they do. At 6:30am this morning one of the users contacted me indicating their code didn’t work. upon checking the user’s list 2 out of 18 users was active and everyone else lost access. I reconfigured all of the users and checked after 30 minutes and they all seemed fine. Checking again at 10pm I noticed that 4 out of 18 was active and everyone else lost access.

Is anyone experiencing this? It’s a very strange problem. I have two separate alarm accounts at this location but only experiencing this on one.

Thanks for any assistance you may have.

There’s only one other admin that I’ve created but he hasn’t used his account yet. I’ve checked the logs and nothing is indicating that someone was removing the user codes or deactivating the accounts. When I make a change it does log what i’ve done. Between both occasions 8:30am and 10pm are the only occurrences where changes i’ve made have been logged.

argh, pressed f5 after 90 minutes and 3 accounts got disabled. What could be causing this?

argh, pressed f5 after 90 minutes and 3 accounts got disabled. What could be causing this?

A few questions to help pinpoint this:

When your user loses access, does their user name get removed from the list?
If not, does the panel access button show unchecked in the user’s page when you go to edit the user?

Are you performing all changes on Local changes may be overwriting ADC should they have been made.

Are you still experiencing this issue?

Also, when creating the users, were you using the “Add Temporary User” action or just clicking “Add User”

All accounts was created from by using the Add User option. WHen access is lost the user’s are still listed, their passcodes are removed and they get the no access status next to their names.

I am still experiencing this issue.

What I’ve done was deleted all of my users from, waited over an hour then verified that all of the users have been removed from the panel. Right now I’m in the process of recreating them again to see if this is still happening.

I’ll let you know shortly…

It looks like there are two accounts that are linked. Are both accounts seeing this issue? Or is it just the one?

just one of the accounts is experiencing issues.

After I’ve created all of the user accounts just a moment ago, Michael and Natalie’s codes are not appearing on the panel. Those 2 users from the panel are empty and skipped from within user management. They’re known as user 14 and 15 based on the order of creation.

I’ll have to check periodically today to ensure they’re all enabled. This morning Tom’s account shows active and I could see his code still active on but he couldn’t disarm the system this morning. I checked the user management on the panel and his account as well as others was not listed but just a few. This is why I was going to try deleting them all and starting over.

Keep in mind when bulk editing (if you are assigning many codes at once) depending on your signal quality, you may see some delay. recommends allowing five minutes per code sent. If you are having trouble with codes, a good troubleshooting technique would be to send just one code at a time.

Create a user, add a code. Wait five minutes. Test code at panel.

Add one more code, wait five minutes, test code.

Some of the data might be getting lost if many are added in quick succession

i see, i’ll keep that in mind and let you know if this fixes it.

You might also try power cycling the panel. Power down the panel for two full minutes, ac and battery, then plug back in, battery first, then AC.

Run a cell phone test from the panel. Then try sending codes as above.

ok, will try that also.