Use existing wired or start new?

We have purchased a 35 year old home with an existing wired security system. The system is not acive and we believe we have the basic codes needed to reactivate. We are able to turn the door chimes on and off when needed, etc. The decision we are trying to make is, should we try to retrofit the existing wired system. We currently have2 control panels, 5 door sensors, 2 motion sensors and a whole house siren (somewhere, because we accidentally set it off). We would only preserve the exsiting wired system if 1) it improved security 2) it provided substantial cost savings. But do not want to prohibit use of any features or smart home integrations. We prefer to DIY this to save on the costs of install.

I am including a few pics of what we are working with. I appreaciate the advice.

I am sad to say but u will need to replace the alarm panel itself

Thanks for the reply. As we have continued to research, we came to the conclusion it would be the simplest.

U could get the Iq panel 2 plus 319 and get the hardwired 16 to take over the wired zones

Yep you would need the panel.

and then you can either replace the sensors

or use your existing wired sensors and (and possibly siren) with the HW16

Replacing the sensors would be the easier installation option,